What to know:

  1. Try to travel light to your photo session. We will be doing a ton of walking around, and unless you want it to make an appearance in all of your photos, please travel light. I am totally able to carry a small clutch or little things like cell phone/keys/wallet in my camera bag, though!
  2. If you want your pet part of the session, plan ahead of time. I love animals, and I want you pets (your babies) to be a part of your sessions, too. While I like to photograph couples in their natural habitat, it is important that you are not distracted or worry about your pet while we are taking the pictures. Bring a friend along to help watch your pet so everything runs smoothly or set a plan ahead of time to keep your pet happy and comfortable.
  3. Make sure you are comfortable. Sometimes the cutest clothes are not the most comfortable. Sometimes the most comfortable clothing are not the cutest. We will be standing/walking a ton, as well as posing you in different scenarios, so you can either a) be comfortable or b) be uncomfortable c) find the adorable most comfortable clothing ever! (that’s the winner).
  4. Ladies, this is an excellent time to have your hair and makeup trial done. Try to schedule your hair and makeup trials before your portrait sessions. You will be able to see how it photographs before the wedding day. I can recommend some great hair and makeup artists if you don’t have anyone booked yet.

What to wear:

  1. Make sure your outfits match/compliment the location. For example, you wouldn't want to wear your fanciest outfit if we have to go on a short hike to reach our destination. Likewise, you shouldn't wear your stay-at-home-and-pig-out combo if you plan on having your session in a formal setting (or ever – yoga pants are no one's friend)! If your session is more of an urban setting, bold colors/patterns will do well in that setting. If you session is at the beach, soft pastels will compliment it perfectly. Need help? Always feel free to reach out to me for tips!
  2. The more you dress up, the better it will look. The casual look is cute to the eye, but let’s be honest..  blue jeans, t-shirts/tank tops, and sandals are better in-person than in-camera. I'm not saying you have to be in a full get up of a gown/suit (but I wouldn’t mind that, either!), but I always like to think of an engagement session with the same mindset as if you are going on a date to a nice dinner. Trust me, it just photographs very stylishly and pretty.


  1. Busy locations will look busy in photos. If you don’t mind tourists/random people in the background on your photos, then I am totally down to dodge them if you are. You just may not get as many photos like I usually deliver because I would be busy avoiding/waiting for people to get out of the way to take the photo.
  2. Choose a location that means something to you. This could be a coffee shop, in your home, a bar, a park or a particular street that holds a memory. Please keep in mind I specialize in natural light, so if you pick an indoor location that is dark – we may have to step outside for photos, as well. If you have no idea what area, I can choose for you – just give me an idea what you have in mind. Greenery? Urban? Beachy?
  3. If you have a complimentary engagement session with me, I only do engagements that are local for me. If you are a New Yorker, I do sessions in the city Manhattan. If you are a Floridian, I do sessions in Central Florida. If you wish to have me travel to a particular location, I charge a travel fee.


  1. If you want the glowy skin, golden photos – that only happens during sunset. If I do the session during the afternoon, that is when we will fight the harsh sunlight. Which means, it will cast shadows on your face, and a double-chin silhouette isn’t exactly flattering. Depending on the season, find when the sun is setting, and we will do the session 1-2 hours before hand.
  2. Overcast/gloomy weather is not necessarily a bad thing. That means there isn’t any harsh lighting. It’s like a haze over the sun which gives a beautiful glow to the skin because then there is even lighting. The only downfall is I won’t be able to give you the golden sunset style photos. This is entirely up to you if this is the kind of weather come engagement session day. I will be sure to ask you come day of to continue with the session or re-schedule.

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