Julia and Israel

The Lake House Inn — Wedding

<b>Julia and Israel</b><h2>The Lake House Inn — Wedding</h2>

Traveling between two home bases has it's perks, but it usually means I sometimes don't get to officially meet my bride and grooms before there wedding day. Walking into the Lake House Inn nestled in the gorgeous state of Pennsylvania, I had no I idea who or what I would find. When you first pull into their lot, you don't see much. A beautiful stone, cottage-style building greets surrounded by huge pine and oak trees greet you...

Diane and JP

The Water Club — Engagement Party

<b>Diane and JP</b><h2>The Water Club — Engagement Party</h2>

Between proposals, sessions, rehearsals, and all of the wedding day planning, it seems that engagement parties tend to be forgotten. But when I get an inquiry for a celebration, especially one that's held at the super stylish river side venue like The Water Club, OF COURSE I jump at the opportunity! Diane and JP's family members planned such an incredible event that brought together their closest friends and relatives to celebrate one beautiful engagement — and I couldn't be more honored to photograph it...

Glenivette and Douglass

NYC City Hall — Elopement

<b>Glenivette and Douglass</b><h2>NYC City Hall — Elopement</h2>

Sometimes the extravagance of a wedding is incredibly overwhelming, and that's okay. That's what eloping is for! And it's exactly what Glenivette and Douglass did in the bustling courthouse of City Hall. Before this day, I had never been to the marriage bureau, so when we walked through security (I actually got yelled at for taking a photo, lol) and saw the amount of people waiting to be called, I was so surprised! Apparently, Friday mornings are prime time to get married ;)...

Victoria and Dan

The Skylark Bar — Proposal

<b>Victoria and Dan</b><h2>The Skylark Bar — Proposal</h2>

It has been far too long since I've photographed a proposal, so you wouldn't believe my excitement when Victoria's sister emailed me while I was on a plane to NYC from Orlando, the day before this elopement was happening — I literally squealed with happiness and ended up calling my best friend so that I could tell someone about it (true story)! I. LOVE. PROPOSALS. And I mean, who wouldn't when it takes place a stunning place like The Skylark?...

Elizabeth and Ryan

Turf Valley Resort — Wedding

<b>Elizabeth and Ryan</b><h2>Turf Valley Resort — Wedding </h2>

If you know my work or anything about me, you know that I LIVE for details and portraits. So when Elizabeth and Ryan came to me and told me that they didn't care for either of those and wanted to focus on the party, I have to be honest — every fiber in me wanted to run. Instead, I decided to challenge myself and threw my usual method out the window (although I did convince them to let me take a few portraits before the party began). And I'm so glad I did!...