CHAZ + GRANT | Maple Shade Farm — New York Wedding

 Photographed by Sincerely, Emelia (

When I met Emely – over two years ago now – I had no idea we would be embarking on what would become a lifelong journey together. I reached out to Emely on a whim to photograph our proposal. Shortly thereafter, as we were so thrilled with the engagement photos (they were published in The Knot, after all), we brought her on to shoot our wedding. Emely has the whole package. Incredible customer service (she was always so quick to respond and incredibly flexible, even with last-minute changes), a great “bedside manner” (her approach makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. In fact, during the wedding, we didn’t even know she was there… she truly blended right in) and a great eye for photography (her photos speak for themselves). Emely was incredibly professional throughout the entire process and she surrounds herself with the like. Her second for the wedding was absolutely wonderful—and the product was something beyond our wildest dreams. We can’t put into words how special it is to look back and relive every moment from our wedding day. I jokingly told her that she would be shooting our family portraits once we have kiddos. I wasn’t really kidding… Watch out world, Emely has arrived!


Emely is the best! Not only does she use her incredible talent to take gorgeous photos of your special day, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. We are so thankful Emely was part of our wedding and highly recommend her to any couple looking for beautiful pictures, stress-free process, and many laughs along the way.
— Chaz and Grant

Normally, when one thinks of New Yorkers, the image of a person living in the concrete jungle, running their finance firm in Wall Street, donning a sleek look and fresh Italian brewed coffee in hand comes up. One thinks, they must hate nature and everything about it. Well, apparently not Chaz and Grant! They made all of their NYC inhabitants (including me) drive five hours way from the comforts of home to right smack in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, there wasn't even cell service for most of the night unless you were in the middle of one of the few surrounding towns. But I do have to admit, even though my shoes and car ended up caked in mud, it was all so worth it. They wanted everyone to remember one awesome, unique experience, and they did just that.

This wedding was full of nothing but love. From the dancing, to the getting ready, to the dancing, to the vows, to the dancing, to the views, the dancing (they love to jam out) every moment was full of love. They even made a tribute to all of the past LGBT activists that made this day possible. Chaz and Grant, congratulations on making all the adults in the room cry. And congratulations on your new life together! #lovewins

PS. Their hashtag was #grantlovescox ;)

Emely Taveras

Wedding, destination, and fine art film photographer serving the tri-state area and rest of the world.