GLENI + DOUGLASS | New York City Hall — NYC Elopement

I was recommended Emely among a few other photographers. Once I saw Emely’s work, I fell in LOVE. There’s such a romantic and soft effect to her photos. So I booked her which was extremely smooth. On the day of, she was right on time and she was extremely friendly and easy to follow. She had great pointers and even stayed a bit longer with us since she had no commitment for the rest of the day. Getting our pictures was a breeze and we couldn’t be any happier with the outcome. We completely recommend emely for your wedding photos!
— Gleni and Dougless

Sometimes the extravagance of a wedding is incredibly overwhelming, and that's okay. That's what eloping is for! And it's exactly what Glenivette and Douglass did in the bustling courthouse of City Hall. Before this day, I had never been to the marriage bureau, so when we walked through security (I actually got yelled at for taking a photo, lol) and saw the amount of people waiting to be called, I was so surprised! Apparently, Friday mornings are prime time to get married ;)

Nevertheless, we took advantage of the wait time and took some sweet photos. Once our time came to enter the "chapel" it was a sweet and intimate ceremony in a beautifully colorful room. A quick 15 minutes later, and they were married! We couldn't waste the gorgeous New York summer weather, so Gleni, Douglass and I went to the iconic City Hall steps and made magic. Oh, and Glenivette's custom made dress (made by her sister)?! STUN-NING.

Scroll down and check it out for yourself! 

Emely Taveras

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