JULIA + ISRAEL | The Lake House Inn — Pennsylvania Wedding

Seriously—STOP what you are doing and book Emely NOW!! Emely is an insanely talented photographer. Her pricing is very reasonable for the quality and artistry she brings to her work. You will seriously be so glad you chose her. We just got our photos back for our wedding this weekend and our mouths dropped in awe at the beauty of the images she took. Everyone—I mean EVERYONE—looks fantastic. Like models out of a wedding magazine. I am so overjoyed I get to relive our wedding through the gorgeous photographs taken by Emely.
— Julia & Israel

Traveling between two home bases has it's perks, but it usually means I sometimes don't get to officially meet my bride and grooms before there wedding day. Walking into the Lake House Inn nestled in the gorgeous state of Pennsylvania, I had no I idea who or what I would find. When you first pull into their lot, you don't see much. A beautiful stone, cottage-style building surrounded by huge pine and oak trees greet you. But it's not until you take a step inside that you really get a full view of the INCREDIBLE lake (go checkout the ceremony and see for yourself). And better yet, the guy and gal who welcomed me were sweeter than I could have ever hoped! Julia and Israel exuded love and happiness from the moment the day started to the last kiss before their exit. I can't find the words to describe how amazing this wedding was, but I hope these photos do it justice as you scroll through. Thank you again, Julia and Israel, for trusting me to photograph your special day! <3 

First looks are probably my most favorite part of the day. There's nothing like being able to see your other half in a private setting before the crazy day ahead of you begins. If you're on the fence about it, don't think twice — DO IT! 

Okay, but seriously. This ceremony location was just... *heart eyes*. Seriously, have you ever seen anything more perfect? That sunset, that sparkling lake, that gorgeously decorated chuppah, this stunning bride and groom. My jaw actually dropped when I saw it all take place, and I can't lie. Some serious tears were streaming.

Tell me your heart didn't clench looking through that ceremony? But wait, we're not done yet. You haven't seen the reception location just yet. Are you ready to keep swooning?

And now, the party starts ;)


Before the night ended, Julia and Israel were brought up to the front stage for one last song...Livin' On A Prayer. That's right, the whole room shouted the lyrics along with them and it was AMAZING. It was the perfect ending for such an amazing day <3

Emely Taveras

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