KELLY + MIKE | The Ludlow Hotel — NYC Engagement Session

Kelly and Mike The Ludlow Hotel NYC Engagement Session.

Not gonna lie, going into Kelly and Mike's engagement session, I didn't know what to expect. Unlike my ridiculously long wedding inquiry form (which you see for yourself here), my session form is super short and to the point. That means, I don't really get to know the people who inquire until we actually meet, making meeting everyone all the more fun! When you first approach Kelly and Mike, they come off a bit reserved, something I'm not used to with my outgoing personality. But give it a little time, and they opened right up! The best part of connecting with couples during an engagement session is learning all about each other's lives, and boy did we share some stories, haha! Add in some beer, and some spunk really comes out (hint: Kelly loves to drop some more F-bombs than I thought 😉). The Ludlow Hotel is a staple in their relationship. I'm talking their first kiss, to their first trip away together (and getting snowed in during a blizzard), to their proposal. I'm so honored to have captured yet another milestone at this amazing hotel.

Scroll down and check out just how rad this couple (and hotel) really is ❤️

Emely Taveras

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