MICHAEL + ANNIE | Washington Square Park β€” NYC Engagement Session

 Photographed by Sincerely, Emelia (www.sincerelyemelia.com)

Michael and Annie are proud (very proud πŸ˜‰) alumni of New York University, so it came as no surprise that they wanted to set their engagement session on the campus of the world renowned college. Washington Square Park is one of the more iconic parks in New York City, and it’s nearby so many amazing spots I’ve yet to visit. And they actually met in one of the buildings around the corner. If you look through the gallery below, you’ll see the same person who introduced them was there the day we were shooting!

One of the hidden spots Michael and Annie brought me to was a total miracle in the middle of a bustling city! A place called the Washington Mews β€” this street is normally only for students, but we may have snuck in for some fun and vibrant portraits. We’ll keep it our little secret…

Emely Taveras

Wedding, destination, and fine art film photographer serving the tri-state area and rest of the world.