Sometimes the extravagance of a wedding is incredibly overwhelming, and that's okay. That's what eloping is for! And it's exactly what Glenivette and Douglass did in the bustling courthouse of City Hall. Before this day, I had never been to the marriage bureau, so when we walked through security (I actually got yelled at for taking a photo, lol) and saw the amount of people waiting to be called, I was so surprised! Apparently, Friday mornings are prime time to get married ;)

Nevertheless, we took advantage of the wait time and took some sweet photos. Once our time came to enter the "chapel" it was a sweet and intimate ceremony in a beautifully colorful room. A quick 15 minutes later, and they were married! We couldn't waste the gorgeous New York summer weather, so Gleni, Douglass and I went to the iconic City Hall steps and made magic. Oh, and Glenivette's custom made dress (made by her sister)?! STUN-NING.

Scroll down and check it out for yourself! 

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