photos by j. lebron photography

Hey, how's it going?

I'm Emelia, also known as Emely. I'm a tatted, sassy, camera wielding Dominicana who's running the show around here. I'm the boss lady, which means I get make the all of the decisions, including occasionally emptying my bank account at Target and on luxury dog treats for my ADORABLE Shih Tzu named Sir Henriford II (Henry for short). I'm the boss lady running the show. Being the brawn and brains behind it all, everything gets done through me. That not only means I'll be right by your side from the moment you inquire, but easily reachable at any time of the day. Got a question about your contract at 2:00am? Chances are, I'm up editing. Need a quick answer on a busy Saturday afternoon? I'll make the time to get right back to you. I'll always have your back in a second's notice.

That's the thing about me: no matter if you're family, a friend, or a client, I'll always be there for you. I'm not just your photographer, I'm a seamstress, megaphone, bartender, and makeshift planner who will help you throughout any problems on your big day. Once the big, important part is all done and you're partying it up as newly weds, I'll be ready to share laughs and kick back a big ol glass of rosé with you! You'll never feel like someone is hovering over you, senselessly clicking away at the shutter button. You'll have someone you can rely on to give you confidence, spread all the laughter, and have the champagne chilled, opened, and ready to pour to calm those nerves. You won't just have a photographer, you'll have a friend you can count on, and a pretty kickass one, too <3

Due to our current social and political climate, I want to make it known that I am here for you. I support you, no matter your race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. I'm a full supporter and ally of the LGBTQ community and welcome you all with open arms. In a world full of hate, let us spread love. #lovewins


But enough about me, let’s talk about you.